Threading is possibly one of the oldest hair removal techniques when it comes to unwanted facial hair.

I think its safe to say most women from a young age onwards at some point – have attempted to remove their own facial hair.

Being British born – South Asian ethnicity, we tend to have a fair amount of facial hair (which I have always disliked).  However, threading is widely available at most salons and beauty clinics.  It is quick painless (I lie its it still hurts 20 years on) can be crippling to the fingers which the thread is wrapped around, but on the plus side does the job at a near nothing cost!

When I came across the face and body hair threading system at £3.99, this threading apparatus appealed to me straight away!  Being an impulsive buyer myself – anything for an easier life! As I’m sure many of you lovelies can relate to. 

So, I quickly ordered it and eagerly awaited delivery, upon receiving it I was so excited little did I know I was about to be very disappointed.  The threading apparatus appeared very flimsy and poor quality (If you thread you will know you need a firm and quick hand to cover the area that needs hair removal).

Nonetheless I gave it a try, the thread did not catch a single hair (yes, I allowed my facial hair to grow a little longer than one should so I could give the threading instrument a fair chance)

The notion of your fingers pressing down the handles appears to be easy – just extremely ineffective.  So, don’t waste your money – thankfully £3.99 didn’t break the bank!

I then researched other methods of hair removal as I’m sure many women do, and I am now considering going down the IPL route.  I always shy away from laser removal treatments because a) the cost, it so expensive b) trust issues and c) I just don’t have the time to schedule more appointments in my already chaotic lifestyle. Watch this space!!!


Hair removal v laser

From my research I have found that the IPL hair remover was not only compact, it is a fraction of the price of having it done at a clinic, I could do it myself at my leisure and I don’t need to worry about making time in my usually busy days.


I will most likely order from Misstush and try this out – on my next blog I will update you all on my findings!


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