LED Photon Mask
LED Photon Mask
LED Photon Mask
LED Photon Mask
LED Photon Mask

LED Photon Mask

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    Product Features:

    Activates the collagen: promotes skin collagen growth, improves the texture of the skin - skin becomes more supple and radiant.

    Tightens pores: tightens pores, making the skin firmer, improves skin brightness,and elasticity.

    Accelerate detoxification: effectively accelerate skin metabolism rate, promotes the excretion of toxins of skin.

    Oxygen increase: promote skin permeability, increase oxygen to lock in skin moisture.
    Repair skin: promote blood circulation, lighten blemishes and skin discoloration.

    Red Light: 630-680nm, promotes cell metabolism, improves skin collagen and fibrous tissue. Accelerate blood circulation, increase skin elasticity.  Anti-ageing benefits.

    Blue light: 420-460nm, Great for acne prone skin, stimulating repair for acne scarring, and bacteria fighting 

    Yellow light: 420-460nm, Used for cell regeneration, and lymphatic drainage.

    Every 5 minutes  the colour changes automatically.




    With over a decades worth of scientific research and having been used by organizations and federal agencies such as NASA to aid in skin recovery, the effectiveness of LED light therapy isn't really up for debate. Dermatologists and spas across the globe are all starting to use LED light therapy and the results have been absolutely astounding! 


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